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UNIBO will participate in the project providing its competences in coordination and management (leader of WP1) and in the experimental characterization of the photoelectrical response, radiation hardness and behaviour of the materials and devices that will be integrated in the i-FLEXIS system (leader of WP5). As for coordination and management, dedicated personnel with yearly expertise will assist in this role. The research activity will be carried out in WP2, where UNIBO will contribute providing electrical and photo-response analyses of the novel organic single crystals grown with dedicated chemical formulations, in WP3, with photo-response characterization of the complete photonic sensor unit and in WP5 (coordinated by UNIBO) where the stability, radiation hardness and lifetime of the materials and devices that take part in the integrated i-FLEXIS system will be tested and assessed
The UNIBO research group participating in i-FLEXIS belong to the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The Group has lead or participated to several European FP6 and FP7 (NANOPHOTO, FAST-IQ, RAINBOW), International (CINT, MAE, NATO) and National (PRIN2006, PRIN2009, PRIN2011) research projects and has several industrial cooperations presently active. The Group laboratories are equipped with the necessary facilities for the optoelectronic characterization and X-ray radiation response assessment of the materials and devices foreseen in i-FLEXIS. The group presently consists of 7 members (2 permanent, 3 PhD students, 2 post-docs).

graduated in Physics at the University of Bologna, holds a Master in Microelectronics from the University of Cambridge (U.K.), a Master in Science and Technology of Semiconductors from the University of Parma and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Bologna. In 2000 she joined the Faculty of Physics at the University where she presently is an Associate Professor in Condensed Matter Physics. Her research activity focuses on the analysis and characterization of the electrical transport properties of organic and inorganic semiconducting materials and of advanced electronic devices. She published over 130 paper in international refereed journals, holds 7 international patents and she is co‐founder of the Academic Start Up company "LabTrek" s.r.l.

graduated in Physics at the University of Bologna, hold a Master in Materials Science and Technology from the University of Parma, a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Bologna and since 1992 works at the Physics Dept of the University of Bologna, where she is senior researcher. She coordinated the local section of Bologna in several National Research projects in the field of light emission from nitride‐based materials, she has been involved in two European Research Project in the photovoltaic field (FAST‐IQ, NANOPHOTO) and in one project on nitride‐based heterostructures (RAINBOW). Her research activity is related to the electrical and optoelectronic characterization of semiconductor materials, devices and nanostructures. She has been expert evaluator for the European Commission for calls relevant to NMP and ENERGY FP7‐ Programme and for Regional Research Programs (FESR funding). She coauthored several papers in international journals.


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