2nd i-FLEXIS School
i-FLEXIS X-ray sensors: from materials to real-life applications
18th September 2016, Warsaw

Fall School details

The fall school will be held during E-MRS Fall 2016 on the 18th of September 2016. It aims at providing an insight on the roadmap of FP7 i-FLEXIS project, from materials development to devices, targeting real-life X-ray detection applications.
In the i-FLEXIS School, speakers from the consortium will provide an introduction on the fundamental aspects and a broad overview on the major issues related to material synthesis, crystal growth, device fabrication and integration, as well as photonic sensor demonstration for real-life applications. Scientific research developments, materials integration challenges and technology transfer towards industrial production of X-ray sensor system will be covered.
The school welcomes attendees who are new to the topic as well as researchers who may not be fully aware of some of the new materials, techniques and devices available. This school is open to all E-MRS participants upon registration, by completing an online form which is available at the E-MRS website. Alternatively, registration can be made by completing the form available here.

Final Program
14.45 Welcome address and i-FLEXIS presentation
Beatrice Fraboni - University of Bologna
15.00 Organic semiconductor single crystals development for X-ray detection
Alessandro Fraleoni-Morgera - University of Trieste
15.30 Functional nanoparticles for X-Ray cross-section enhancement of organic materials
Norman Luechinger - Nanograde
16.00 Low-temperature oxide thin-film transistors by solution processing
Rita Branquinho - UNINOVA
16.30 Coffee Break
17.00 Organic thin-film transistors for flexible electronics
Annalisa Bonfiglio - University of Cagliari
17.30 Circuits design and simulation
Vincent Fischer - CEA
18.00 From Passive RFID to RF sensing
Christophe Loussert - TAGSYS
18.30 X-ray detection in real-life applications
Malgorzata Sowinska - Eurorad


1st i-FLEXIS Spring School

The spring school was organized as a one-day event on May 15th at the Lille Grand Palais, France as a satellite event of the E-MRS Spring Meeting 2015 (
The school was entitled Flexible Electronic Sensors , aiming to provide an introduction on the fundamental aspects and a broad overview on the major issues related to the state-of-the-art materials, fabrication methods and device architectures employed to realize advanced electronic sensing systems on flexible, large area substrates.
Speakers from the consortium and also external invited speakers covered topics ranging from materials and devices to fabrication and applications, i.e., different aspects that are being developed within the project.

The Spring School attendance was diversified, including 29 people from 10 different countries.

More information can be found in the 4th i-FLEXIS newsletter.