1st i-FLEXIS workshop

The Workshop was organized in the form of a symposium of E-MRS (Symposium Q, Organic Semiconducting Single Crystals: from fundamentals to advanced devices) by Beatrice Fraboni, Alessandro Morgera (both part of i-FLEXIS project, UNIBO and UNITS), Yves Geerts, Alberto Morpurgo and Vitaly Podzorov as a three-day event, between May 12th and 14th. It aimed to bring together leading scientists from a variety of backgrounds (chemistry, physics, engineering and material science), involved in forefront fundamental and applied research on Organic Semiconducting Single Crystals (OSSCs), covering material synthesis, crystal growth, device fabrication, various experimental characterization methods and modeling that reveal the intrinsic electronic and photonic properties of organic semiconductors.

The Workshop/Symposium had an average number of attendees during its sessions of about 100 persons, including more than 80 contributions, from different countries according to the distribution presented in the pie chart below.

More information can be found in the 4th i-FLEXIS newsletter.

2nd i-FLEXIS workshop

The workshop will be in the form of a symposium entitled "Flexible Electronic Sensors" , during E-MRS Fall 2016, between September 19th - 22th 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.
Hot topics to be covered include novel materials synthesis, novel device architectures, novel sensing applications, device modelling, device biasing and readout circuitry, sensor systems.
Selected papers from the symposium will be published in special issue of a prestigious journal, to be defined shortly.
More information will soon be available at E-MRS Fall Meeting 2016 and i-FLEXIS website.