Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias

The group will coordinate WP7 and will be task leader on activities related to: Task 3.1 Materials Specifications, Development, Selection and Fabrication; Task 3.2 Amplifiers architecture, design, development, fabrication and test; Task 4.2 CMOS platform development and integration; T4.4. Oxide CMOS Compact Modelling and TDK Integration; Task 5.4 Stability and ageing tests;
Uninova will participate through Centro de Excelência de Microelectrónica e Optoelectrónica de Processos (CEMOP), and Centro de Investigação em Materiais (CENIMAT) of FCT-UNL devoted to R&D within the field of functional materials, materials science, engineering & nanotechnologies, including their analysis and characterization, besides integration on devices/systems. Since 2006, it integrates the national associate laboratory: Institute for Nanostructures, Nanomodeling and Nanofabrication, I3N. The group has a strong activity in fab (e.g. PECVD, PVD, , spray pyrolysis) and non fab processes (e.g. sol gel, inkjet) with strong experience in the development of materials for key enabling technologies, almost by design, pioneering international research on full oxide electronics as well as on paper electronics (Paper-e®). The international evaluations of the R&D activity since 1996 have been classified as EXCELLENT. The leaders of the group (R. Martins and E. Fortunato) are one of the most worldwide recognized scientists in the field of novel oxide applications, with papers in the first position of the 25 Top read papers of science direct and invited for several top scientific organizations. E. Fortunato was classified in first position in the recent advanced senior research grants given by ERC in the area of engineers in its first edition.

She is a Ph.D in Materials Science Engineering, specialization in Microelectronics, since 1995 and full professor since 2012 at UNI. She pioneered European research on conductor and semiconductor oxide materials deposited at RT to be used in electronic and optoelectronic devices; inventor of paper transistor and electrochromic transistor. She published over 420 SCI papers. She has been awarded and invited for plenary talks worldwide thanks to her R&D achievements. She has got an Advanced Grant, first edition 2008, from ERC in the amount of 2.25 M€ for developing new oxide materials. She filled 68 international patents mainly related with new oxide semiconductors from which she granted 14. She is editor in the following scientific journals: European Physics Letters; Rapid Research Letters; Applied surface Science; Journal of Advanced Physics.

He is a PhD, Microelectronics/Semiconductor Materials), is full professor in the area of microelectronics and optoelectronics at FCT-UNL, as well as the running president of EEMRS. He is an expert in the area of Microelectronics and- Nanotechnologies. Emeritus professor of Université of Orleans; director and founder of CEMOP/Uninova, and president of the council of Materials Science Department of FCT-UNL, since 1995, with more than 800 papers in the area of thin film technology, electronic and optoelectronic materials, one of the inventors of the paper transistor and the memory transistor. He holds more than 68 patents related to development of oxide transparent and electrochromic materials and devices. His relevant expertise of interest for the project is cantered in oxides fabrication, development and devices integration.


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